Eiwaz Tree of Life

Volunteering for sustainability Augmented Reality App Project Fall '22-

Creative Technologist

with project management skills

Real Time Lidar Visuals

My master thesis, spring '23, ventured around developing live music for concerts while using a Kinect. Me and my co-writer Abderrahman Mhadden ended up with a really succesfull concert at Basement in Copenhagen testing out the project.
The project used Touchdesigner and a triple projector setup and lights

We are now both able to do VJ sets or similar.

Check out Yume Productions for more info.

Single Cover Design

A design made for the band "Lady"'s single "Whole Lotta Pretty" released everywhere on the 16th of August '23.

Interactive Floor

I spend some time developing interactive content to a projected floor. It is made with Touchdesigner and MadMapper.

One version is to emulate Aurora when walking across the floor. Another is to make an interactive logo of whatever company could be having an event in the space.

More info and images coming...

Dome Screen Projects

Over several projects i have worked with domescreens and the format for both interactivity and for visual design specifically for dome screens. This includes smartphone interactivity, infrared motiontracking, visual perceptive illusion theory and general experience design in this setting.

Along with this is my project CUPOLAB

3D Augmented Reality App

I have been volunteering to the EIWAZ TREE OF LIFE project created by Martine Jarlgaard. I have helped with consulting and website redesign and relaunching for the future of the project.

Check it out here EIWAZ

Belle Ballerina

I joined rehearsals and shows of a Real Time Rokoko hologram dance concert piece at DR in june '22 called Belle Ballerina as part of a bigger cartoon theme. "Streger og Toner"


In 2018 during a semester in Karlstad Sweden i made a stopmotion short for the final exam.

I wanted to combine stopmotion and handdrawn animation and made this little short story for testing the idea.

Watch the full short here